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ARE YOU PLAYING THE PURPLE MARTIN "DAWNSONG" TAPE OR CD? The Dawnsong have proven to be one of the most powerful tools used today to attract martins to a new site. It is the recording of ASY (after second year), or adult black male martins singing a song in the predawn hours that is used to lure subadult martins (those that were raised last year) into their colony site. Anyone that uses this tape can tell you that IT WORKS. While you cannot guarantee that martins will STAY after investigating your housing, at least half the battle is won by just getting them there to check things out. And, if you have taken the other steps mentioned above by creating manmade nests complete with mud dams, your chances are even greater of getting a few martins to stay and nest.

-- Kent Justus

If you wish to hear a sample, you may play the dawnsong here. A sound control window should pop up, and the file download begin. Only a small portion of the dawnsong is downloaded. The site menu (on the left) will not operate while the dawnsong file is being downloaded. You may cancel the sound, or download action, at any time by closing the popup window.

A good source for the complete dawnsong (on tape or CD) is The Purple Martin Conservation Association.

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