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Welcome. I am really pleased that you found your way to my Web site.
SPECIAL NOTICE: Did Malaysian Flight 370 really fall into the Indian Ocean? No!. It was hijacked. Here are the details.
My Resume may start with my first computer-related job, but I started as a kid growing up in St. Louis. By school age, .... Well, it's all in my bio page. Please come visit me here. You will find out more about who I am and where I come from.
I have included my portal page. I use it all the time. I hope you like it. You can make one of your own by starting with a copy of mine. (Just choose "File/Save As" and change the name before choosing "Save".
In 2020 the Earth will experience some huge changes. I have a map Earth Changes 2020 of these changes that may really surprise you.
Please check out my Purple Martin Site. It is dedicated to providing the best information available over the Internet for people who are interested in purple martins.
Here I include a page with my resume in case you are looking, or just curious. Many people fix upon their role in work as their whole identity. Some say that a person is what he does. I am sure that there is much truth in that statement. However, I do much more that just my work.
Here are a few photo albums that I setup for friends and family. You are also welcome. Light Photo Gallery
Thank you.
Warren Neun Light

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